Young Dexter Takes the Stage: Showtime Announces Prequel to Hit TV Series

Dexter New Blood, the revival of the hit TV series “Dexter,” has been confirmed to not be moving forward with its second season. Despite the show’s success, with an average of 8 million weekly viewers, Showtime will not be continuing with the follow-up series.

However, the network is far from done with the Dexter franchise. According to insiders, Showtime is exploring several new iterations of the popular series, including a prequel series that would feature a young version of the anti-hero.

The decision to not move forward with season 2 of Dexter New Blood comes as a surprise, considering the show was Showtime’s most watched series in history. Fans of the franchise will be excited to hear that the network is committed to keeping the Dexter brand alive.

A Showtime representative was not available for comment, but fans can stay updated on the latest developments by visiting Let us know in the comments section of if you would be excited for a young Dexter series.

Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

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