You Season 4 Part 1: A Thrilling Whodunit with 5 Mind-Blowing Episodes [No Spoilers]

The fourth season of the popular Netflix series You has started, and the first five episodes are now available for streaming. This season has a new format, which is a whodunit, and it is full of twists and surprises that will surely leave the viewers eager for more until the next batch of episodes is released. The writers for this season have added a new level of complexity and mystery, making it the best season since the first one.

The writing team certainly delivered in this season, but the star of the show, Penn Badgley, also shines. He continues to portray the character of Joe Goldberg, who is now living under the guise of Professor Jonathan Moore, with the same level of creepy and charming ease that audiences have come to expect. It is clear that Badgley had a great time making this season, and it shows in his performance.

In this season, we get to see Joe in many new and different situations, which provides an opportunity for Badgley to showcase more of his acting skills and his grasp of the character. Seeing Joe being stalked for the first time is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable television experiences in recent years.

Along with Badgley, a new and substantial cast has been introduced now that Joe has relocated to England. Each new member of the ensemble fits seamlessly into the series and stands out in their own way. For the writer, Tilly Keeper and Ed Speelers particularly shine and match Badgley’s energy and screen presence perfectly. The cast has an impressive amount of chemistry and gives believable performances, which will surely lead many fans to pick a new favorite character (such as Lady Phoebe).

The locations for this season, set in London, are breathtaking. The sets are intricately designed and beautiful, and you may find yourself pausing just to admire the details. I cannot overstate how much I would love to have Joe’s London flat. The set design immerses the viewer in the world of the show. The costumes are also a highlight of the season, they are well-designed and used in a clever way to reveal more about the characters.

Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

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