Yellowjackets” Season 2 Premiere: A Thrilling and Dark Turn Towards Survival at Any Cost

Yellowjackets Season 2 Premiere Review: The first season of “Yellowjackets” concluded with the group of survivors facing winter in 1996 and some current unsettling events. Fans have eagerly anticipated the release of Season 2, and their wait has finally ended. However, viewers should not anticipate all their inquiries to be answered in the beginning. 

The premiere episode of Season 2, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” is both satisfying and intense. It takes the 1996 storyline in a disastrous direction and delves deeper into the complexities of the adult survivors’ lives.

The first episode of “Yellowjackets” Season 2 sees the stranded teenagers in the wilderness two months into winter. Nat and Travis venture out every day to find food, while Travis is also looking for his missing brother. Shauna copes with her guilt and denial by speaking to Jackie’s frozen body in the shed, but this is not helpful. 

Everyone, except for Lottie, is disturbed by this development. Lottie has taken on a mystical leadership role but is unaware of Taissa’s violent behavior during her sleep. This behavior puts Van at risk when they are separated from the group.


In my view, this episode sets a somber and intense tone for the season. The characters struggle with difficult circumstances, and their actions become increasingly extreme. The relationships between them are changing, and observing how they evolve as the season progresses will be fascinating.

Right now, Taissa (Tawny Cypress) is starting to notice that her violent nightmares from when she was a teenager are affecting her during the day, causing trouble for those close to her. Meanwhile, Nat (Juliette Lewis) has been taken captive by cult leader Lottie (Simone Kessell), and Misty (Christina Ricci) is on a mission to find her. At the same time, Misty is also trying to help Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) cover up her tracks after committing murder.

In the Season 2 premiere of “Yellowjackets,” titled “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” the various storylines are expertly balanced, and the audience is reintroduced to the increasing insanity of the characters. Similar to the first season, essential details can be found in the little moments and visual cues. 

These details are particularly evident in the 1996 timeline, which becomes more thrilling due to the characters’ need to survive in harsh winter. Despite Nat and Travis’ efforts to find food, it is scarce, which leads to the teenagers becoming tense and anxious.

This group of teenagers in the wilderness is fascinating because they constantly worry about not having enough food. Lottie helps the hunters by blessing them with ash before they leave for their hunt and tries to calm Travis during his panic attacks. However, the episode is different because it includes a scene from 1998 that raises the question of whether Lottie’s abilities are real or just a result of her mental health. 

The scene focuses on Lottie, but it helps viewers understand the timeline better. This becomes even more important when Shauna’s grief over Jackie leads to the possibility of cannibalism. If things are already bad, how much worse will they get if stranded for two years?

The current events in Season 2 introduce the challenges that each character faces. However, the plotline set in 1996 is more gripping at the moment. This is because many of the characters are stuck in the past. 

Taissa’s struggles resemble her teenage years, while Lottie and Nat’s disagreement over mysticism versus practicality remain unchanged. This is intentional, but it’s unclear where these themes will lead in future episodes.

The great cast and intriguing mysteries promise an engaging experience that I am eager to explore. Showtime subscribers can now stream the premiere of “Yellowjackets” Season 2, while the episode will air on Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT for everyone else.

Yellowjackets FAQ

What is Yellowjackets about?

Yellowjackets is a TV show that revolves around a group of young female soccer players who are stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. The show is not based on a true story, but it does have similarities to the non-fiction book, “Miracle of the Andes.”

Is the character Yellowjacket from the Marvel universe related to the Yellowjacket TV show?

No, the character Yellowjacket from the Marvel universe is not related to the Yellowjackets TV show. Yellowjacket from the Marvel universe is a supervillain-turned-superhero who has been a member of both the Masters of Evil and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What kind of content should viewers expect to see in Yellowjackets?

Viewers should expect to see graphic sex scenes, substance use, including references to LSD and Valium, a copious amount of swear words, and disturbing scenes, including cannibalism. The show may not be suitable for all viewers due to its intense content.

What is the central mystery of Yellowjackets?

The central mystery of Yellowjackets is the secret that haunts the surviving team members, which is strongly implied to be ritualistic cannibalism. This dark secret is something that the characters vow to keep from the public.

Where can I watch Yellowjackets in India?

Yellowjackets can be watched in India on Amazon Prime Video.

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