The Last of Us – Episode 4 Review

The Last of Us episode 4 is now available, and it’s an episode full of suspense, humor, and character development. The episode picks up with Joel and Ellie as they leave Bill and Frank’s house, loaded up with supplies and ready to continue their journey. Joel imparts a lot of knowledge to Ellie in this episode, starting with how to siphon fuel from one car to another. He does his best to explain it, but his lack of knowledge about it leads to a few humorous moments.

In the woods at night, Joel is trying to sleep and Ellie keeps him up with hilarious dad jokes from a pun book. This scene is a great example of how Craig Mazzin has structured his jokes in the episode.

They feel lighthearted and humorous, but they also set the stage for later emotional moments. Joel and Ellie share a 20-year-old can of Chef Boyardee, and they agree that it actually tastes pretty good.

However, things get messy when Joel and Ellie are traveling and they are confronted by some armed people. A gunfight ensues, and Ellie reveals that she has a gun and uses it to save Joel.

This scene is a great example of the show’s writing, as Ellie shoots the guy but he doesn’t die immediately. Joel decides that the guy has to go, and he kills him with his own knife. This shows Joel’s survival instincts and his determination to keep living.

In this episode, we also meet Kathleen, played by Melanie Linsky, who is looking for two people with a grudge against her, Sam and Henry. When she finds out that some of her friends were hurt and killed, she doesn’t know that it was Joel and Ellie, but it looks like two people did it.

In the following scene, the barrier between Joel and Ellie continues to break down, and Joel teaches Ellie how to hold her gun. The chemistry between the two characters is evident, and Joel is shown as a hardened man who doesn’t want to admit that Ellie is a nice person.

The episode ends with Joel and Ellie resting on one of the floors after climbing a massive amount of stairs. Joel does a funny imitation of Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible and they finally share a good laugh. However, their peace is interrupted by Sam and Henry, who point guns at them. This sets the stage for an exciting next episode.

In conclusion, The Last of Us episode 4 is a great example of character development, humor, and suspense. Mazzin has done a great job of creating moments in which we can see Joel and Ellie’s relationship grow, from their jokes and laughter to the moment when Joel teaches Ellie how to hold a gun. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving us eager to see what happens next. So don’t miss out on this exciting episode of The Last of Us.

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