The Flash’s Final Arrow Crossover: Official Photos Unveiled for the First Time

The latest trailer for the upcoming crossover of the Arrowverse featured a surprising appearance of Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in the final season of The Flash. The show’s producers are determined to make the last season of The Flash a memorable one by bringing back many beloved guest stars.

In the first half of the show, Javicia Leslie took on dual roles as Batwoman and Red Death, while Nicole Maines’ Dreamer had an impactful crossover after an adventure in a dream world with Iris West-Allen.

The Flash Season 9 will now showcase Stephen Amell’s long-awaited return as Green Arrow. It is evident that the showrunners are sparing no effort to make the final season of The Flash unforgettable by incorporating exciting storylines and bringing back popular characters.

Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow Returns in The Flash’s Final Season Crossover

A fresh trailer for Episode 9 of The Flash’s ninth season titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To,” has been officially released by TV Line. The trailer features the long-awaited return of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow.

The manner of Amell’s Green Arrow return is yet to be revealed, but the trailer suggests that it may have connections to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and the influence of Ramsey Rosso’s Bloodwork. Barry Allen, after being seemingly transported to an alternate Lian Yu, reunites with Oliver who inquires about his latest mischief.

During a poignant encounter, Barry expressed his emotions by embracing Oliver upon their reunion. However, the hug lasted for an extended period, prompting a comical request from Oliver to be released from the embrace.

The preview additionally verified that Amell is set to don his Green Arrow costume for the ultimate occasion in The Flash’s concluding season:

Grant Gustin, the lead actor of the popular television series “The Flash,” recently spoke with TV Line about his reunion with fellow actor Stephen Amell. Gustin used a musical analogy to describe the experience, stating that it felt like “getting the band back together.” This suggests that the two actors have a strong connection and a shared history working on the show “Arrow,” which is related to “The Flash” within the same fictional universe. Overall, Gustin’s choice of words conveys a sense of excitement and camaraderie regarding his reunion with Amell.

“Stephen and I, it’s like getting the band back together. Just good times, and a lot of laughing.”

In an interview with TV Line, Amell expressed how privileged he felt to be involved in the final season of The Flash. He hinted that the highly-anticipated crossover event would definitely not disappoint fans, as it will feature numerous references and nods to the Arrowverse. Amell assured that the upcoming episode will be filled with surprises that will undoubtedly bring joy and excitement to loyal viewers.

“We’re there to play the hits, man. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.”

Can Oliver Queen, portrayed by Stephen Amell, be considered alive?

The newest preview for The Flash suggests that the beloved character Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, may have somehow survived his supposed demise. However, upon closer examination, this appears unlikely, as there are a number of factors that suggest otherwise.

In the second-to-last episode of Crisis On Infinite Earths, Oliver Queen passed away while embodying the Spectre, having vanquished the Anti-Monitor in order to create a brand new Multiverse. Since that time, the Arrowverse has been devoid of any appearances by Oliver, though the upcoming ninth season of The Flash is anticipated to clarify the situation.

Bloodwork seems to have pulled a fast one on Team Flash, trapping them in a horrifying situation that results in an alternate reality where an Arrowverse villain reigns supreme. The trailer hints that this was accomplished by a clever ruse, leaving our heroes stranded in a perilous predicament.

During a conversation with Barry, Oliver warns him that it’s not just their world that’s at risk – there’s an entirely new Multiverse in danger of collapse. It appears that Bloodwork’s machinations have triggered a new Crisis, one that threatens the fabric of time and space.

To combat this existential threat, Oliver, in his guise as the Spectre, unexpectedly returns to the fray. He reveals to Barry that the Multiverse still exists and dons his Green Arrow persona once again to untangle the mess that Bloodwork has created.

In the finale of Arrow, it was unveiled that Oliver and Felicity Smoak had journeyed to the afterlife. The reason behind Oliver’s reemergence in The Flash Season 9 appears to be linked to the perilous state of the Multiverse, which necessitated his return as Spectre in order to protect it from impending doom once more.

The highly anticipated episode 9 of The Flash Season 9, titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To,” is scheduled to debut on The CW network on Wednesday, April 26th.

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