Scream VI Movie Review

Scream VI Movie Review: The Scream franchise is back with a sixth installment, and it’s what you expect. The radio silence guys are back as directors, and we have another killer in the iconic Ghostface mask. The whole franchise has been a cash cow since its inception, and this one is no different. So let’s dive into the Scream VI movie review and see what all the fuss is about.

First off, let’s talk about the name. It’s officially called Scream VI, but it’s Scream 6, which is funny because the fifth movie was called Scream. We all know what it is, so why not call it what it is? But hey, if calling it Scream VI brings in more money, who am I to complain?

This time, we have a new setting. It’s not in Woodsboro anymore; it’s in New York City, just like “Jason Takes Manhattan.” They even reference that movie in Scream VI, which is pretty cool. The story follows Samantha and Tara, who escaped the last killer’s wrath, but this time, Ghostface follows them to the big apple, and the killing begins again.

As a fan of the Scream franchise, I was excited to see Hayden Panettiere back as Kirby. She was excellent in Scream 4, and I’m glad she’s back. The radio silence guys did a fantastic job with the last movie, so I had high hopes for this one.

What I liked about this movie was how they developed the characters. They did some interesting things with Samantha Carpenter and her backstory, which I won’t spoil. But let’s just say that her father was Billy Loomis, the serial killer from the first Scream movie. Watching her character reminded me of Ellen Ripley from Aliens. It’s always satisfying to see a hero who’s been through the wringer prove everyone else wrong.

The movie also had some vital set pieces essential for any Scream movie. There’s an escape scene with a ladder over a huge drop in an alleyway, a supermarket suspense scene, and an excellent sequence on a subway. The change of location allowed the movie to utilize New York City and its unique features.

However, I wish I had different things, which I won’t spoil here. But overall, Scream VI was well-paced, and the characters were more than just meat for Ghostface to carve up.

In conclusion, I like every Scream movie. It’s a franchise that keeps coming back, and people keep watching. It won’t change the game or win any Oscars, but it’s a fun ride. So if you’re a franchise fan, you should check out Scream VI.

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Manish Sharma

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