Scream 6 Movie Review

If you’re a horror movie fan, you’ve probably heard of the iconic Scream franchise, which has been scaring us for far longer than we ever thought possible. And now, we have the sixth installment, Scream 6. I have to say, I was skeptical about whether the series could continue after the passing of the late, great Wes Craven, but Scream 6 manages to do just that.

In this film, Ghostface comes to Manhattan, and it feels fresh and new. He’s already done college campuses and taken on LA, but New York is a whole new ballgame. Right out of the gate, there’s a scene that ends in a way I’ve never seen in a Scream movie before, and it piqued my curiosity. It’s familiar, but it’s a new take on the familiar, and I was all in from that moment on.

The movie expands as a sequel should, but it doesn’t lose the heart and soul of Scream in the process. The world feels bigger, but it’s still Scream to its core. One thing that stands out is how menacing Ghostface is in this film. He’s a more efficient killer, not tripping over people or getting hit by refrigerator doors anymore. Some people might argue that it’s because of the new mesh technology in the eyepiece, but I think he’s just a badass with perfect 20/20 vision who will shotgun you in the face with your own shotgun. The killings are savage, bloody, violent, and angry, which is everything you want in a horror movie.

The cat and mouse game that goes on in certain scenes, like the Subway scene you saw in the trailer, is probably the most anxiety-inducing in any Scream film. It brings you to a simmer and just boils you, keeping you on the edge of your seat. You get no time for rest, and your heart just beats out of your chest the entire time. That’s when Scream 6 is doing it right.

One thing I loved was the return of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby. She was a standout character in Scream 4, and I appreciated the fact that they made it work for her to be back in this film. However, Nev Campbell’s absence as Sydney Prescott is a bit disappointing. Although I understand that they can’t keep having Ghostface come after Sydney, it still feels like a paid dispute kept her out of the film, and that’s not cool.

As for the lead roles, Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera do a great job of carrying the film. Even without Nev Campbell, they manage to make it work, and I appreciate that. However, the most annoying thing about Scream 6 is the instances where people should die, but they just don’t. It’s like they’re afraid to kill characters in this film, and that shouldn’t be the case in a horror movie.

All in all, Scream 6 is a fresh, savage, and anxious take on Ghostface that manages to keep the spirit of the franchise alive. If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you won’t want to miss this one.

Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

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