redBus driver is drunk and driving | Where to Complain?

If you see that your redBus driver is drunk and driving, it’s an indication that he may lose control and the vehicle might suffer an accident.

What To Do If redBus driver is drunk and driving

As soon as you suspect that your bus driver is intoxicated, inform him not to drive and call the boarding point number on your ticket, as well as notify the bus operator that he is drunk.

If you discover that the bus driver isn’t even listening to you, you should contact RedBus customer care and report it.

How redBus Support Will Help?

They will call the bus operator once they hear your voice or connect with you on chat, and they will call the driver as well to ensure he is drunk. They’ll contact the bus operator if they find that the driver is intoxicated and unwilling to listen, suggesting that you take an alternative vehicle instead of continuing on with him.

Please contact redBus support and let them know that the driver is drunk and you are not comfortable traveling by bus and that you’re taking your own alternate bus and seeking a refund.

redBus will assist you in filing a complaint under passenger safety and allotting you a complaint ID, as well as connect with you within 48 hours to assess the situation and refund your money.

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