Outer Banks Season 3 Cast Interview

If you’re a fan of Outer Banks, you might have been eagerly awaiting the latest updates on Kiara and JJ’s relationship. Well, the stars of the show, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes sat down with Truce Truce to dish about the latest season and their characters’ struggles.

The interview kicks off with Truce Truce bringing up a popular photo that had everyone talking – a shot of Kiara and JJ standing incredibly close together. When asked if they felt any pressure from fans, Chase admitted that he did feel a little bit of pressure, while Madelyn seemed to be taking it all in stride.

Chase then goes on to explain that Kiara sees in JJ the life that she wants – free-spirited and ungrateful for what she has. Madelyn adds that JJ is a “gaping wound of need and wanting,” which had both the interviewer and the actors chuckling. Chase responds with a bit of humor, saying “I can fix that,” which only adds to the playful dynamic between the actors.

The conversation then moves on to John B, who has had quite the emotional rollercoaster this season. He was overjoyed to have his dad back, only to lose him a few episodes later. Madelyn comments that she doesn’t envy John B’s situation because it must be hard to put your father on a pedestal and then realize that he doesn’t have the best intentions. Despite the challenges, both actors are proud of the work they’ve done this season and the hurdles they’ve overcome.

Madelyn then discusses her character, Sarah, who has gone through a lot of trauma over the past few seasons. The family dynamics are incredibly complicated, and it seems like family is just a hollow pain for her. However, she’s learning that with something you love, they will always show up for you, and you should hold onto it.

The interview then delves into Pope’s storyline and how treasure hunting has become incredibly personal to him. It’s a part of his family legacy, and the rest of the group understands what it means to him. Madelyn adds that all the kids have been stepped on their whole lives and thrown away, so it’s personal for everyone. Even Sarah understands the importance of the treasure, and the first thing she thought was that Pope needs to know that the cross is still out there.

The conversation wraps up with a discussion about a scene from season two where Sarah gives an incredible speech about the value of the cross. All of the characters stand together, and she walks out saying “You’re my gold,” which was an incredibly touching moment.

In conclusion, it seems like the actors of Outer Banks have a lot of drama and trauma to deal with, but they’re all learning to hold onto what they love and never let go. The interview gives fans a glimpse into the actors’ perspectives and their take on the latest season. It’s clear that the characters have grown and changed, and we can’t wait to see what happens next in their journey. Until next time, stay salty, Outer Banks fans!

Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

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