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Vaping is an excellent way to help you stop smoking cigarettes. It’s cheaper, it’s healthier, and it can help you to stop smoking gradually. One of the main problems associated with vaping is the burnt taste. It is a result of the coil getting overheated, but it can be easily avoided. 

Here are some steps to avoid a burnt taste and enjoy vaping.

What Causes a Vape to Taste Burnt?

There are a few things that can cause your vape taste burnt. The most common cause is when the coil in your atomizer gets too hot. This can happen if you vape for too long or if the wattage on your device is set too high. 

Another possible cause is using a liquid that is too sweet or has too much flavor concentrate. This can cause the coil to gunk up and produce a burnt taste. Finally, if you don’t prime your coil properly, it can lead to a burnt taste.

Clean Your Vape To Not Taste Burnt

If your vape tastes burnt, it’s probably time to clean it! The burnt flavor is usually caused by a build-up of residue on the heating element. To clean it, remove the heating element and soak it in vinegar or alcohol for a few minutes. 

Then, use a cotton swab to remove any remaining residue. Finally, rinse the heating element with water and dry it before putting it back in your vape.

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Tips to Fix a Vape Taste Burnt

  1. Use the correct wattage when you are vaping. High wattage can burn the juice.
  2. Keep the cotton saturated with e-liquid.
  3. Make sure the cotton is not dry, or else it can cause to taste burnt.
  4. Soak the coil in e-liquid before use.

After priming your coil, you can attach it to your device and start vaping. If you are still getting the burnt taste, you may need to adjust the wattage or temperature of your vape.

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