Malum Review – Last Shift Reimagining Gets More Intense and Violent

Malum Review: Director and co-writer Anthony DiBlasi has given a fresh spin to his 2014 horror flick “Last Shift” with his latest offering, “Malum.” Collaborating with “Last Shift” co-writer Scott Poiley, DiBlasi has enriched the storyline, taking the original narrative to another level of occult horror. “Malum,” the brainchild of DiBlasi, serves as a perfect entry point into his world of demonic terror and also complements “Last Shift” as a fascinating companion piece.

In “Malum,” Jessica Sula portrays Jessica Loren, a newly inducted police officer, who takes up the last shift in an abandoned police station where a cult met their fate years ago. Her objective is to probe into her father’s inexplicable demise, leveraging the stillness of the night. However, her tranquillity is shattered as the cult members haunt her with gruesome visions and torment, relentlessly determined to accomplish their unfinished mission from the afterlife.

As the night progresses, Loren unravels alarming revelations about her family’s ties with the Malum cult. Sula’s vulnerable and disarming portrayal of Loren establishes a connection with the viewers from the outset. Although the character may seem inexperienced, her strong family ties and desire to uncover the truth behind her father’s death make her survival an essential concern for the audience.

DiBlasi and Poiley’s skilled storytelling reinforces the audience’s investment in Loren’s character, providing more credible reasons for her presence in this haunted world. But it is Sula’s performance that steals the show, as she carries the increasingly gruesome and disturbing narrative with grace, charm, and resilience. “Malum” takes pains to create a fully-realized protagonist in Loren, elevating her character to a new level of depth and complexity.

The leader of the cult, John Malum (played by Chaney Morrow), and his devoted followers, known as the Flock of the Low God, are presented with an elaborated mythology, featuring a richer backstory and a more sinister demonic lore. Dorothea (portrayed by Clarke Wolfe), among the Flock, stands out as the most merciless and spine-chilling character, her intense and freezing gaze establishing her as a formidable villainess.

“Malum” is a visual treat, with special makeup effects and gruesome deaths created by Russell FX. The nightmarish designs of the cult members are truly impressive, especially as the story approaches its thrilling climax. For gore enthusiasts, “Malum” does not disappoint, offering ample amounts of both physical pain and gore as dawn approaches. With a larger and more talented cast, “Malum” boasts a higher body count than many other films in the genre.

While the expanded narrative in “Malum” provides a more complete feel to the film, it does come with a downside – the scares don’t pack as much of a punch as they did in “Last Shift.” In “Last Shift,” the simple plot allowed for the scare crafting to be the star of the show, effectively sending chills down viewers’ spines. “Malum” still delivers plenty of scares, but they often get overshadowed by the storytelling choices made by DiBlasi. Certain editing decisions, such as a final shot that lingers just a tad too long, can also be distracting.

Overall, DiBlasi has masterfully taken advantage of the opportunity to remake a movie, resulting in a creative and disturbing reinterpretation that expands on the basic premise of “Last Shift.” The updated mythology, impressive visual and practical effects, and infectious performances make “Malum” a suspenseful and captivating addition to the genre of demonic horror. Although it may not achieve the same level of chilling terror as “Last Shift,” its dedication to presenting an even more menacing supernatural entity and its malevolent followers

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