How to Track Your Bus in redBus? Live Tracking

If you have booked a live tracking enabled bus then you will also receive the tracking link from the bus operator.

Once the bus operator updates the details like bus number, driver, and tracking link. It will also be sent to all the passengers so you can easily track your bus from that tracking link and never miss your bus.

Tracking Link Not Received?

No issue at all, if you have chosen a tracking bus then you will receive the details, but in case you have not received it, then, you can always contact the driver number or bus operator number mentioned on your redBus ticket to check the status of your bus.

Also, you can contact redBus customer support and if the tracking link is updated, they will share the details with you.

And you will be able to track your bus. Live racking buses are really good you don’t have to worry a lot because all details will be visible on the tracking link itself.

How redBus tracking link Works?

When you connect with any customer support agent of redBus they will send you your bus tracking link which looks like:

Below is the screenshot of their tracking bus.

How to Track Your Bus in redBus? Live Tracking

Still, you are not getting any details please reach us through the comment section and we will share more information.


If you are in hurry it’s always best to contact the driver number which you have received from the bus operator.

Also if you have not received any details you can collect the driver’s number by calling the bus operator’s number.

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