Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery – Movie Review

Hey there, it’s your favorite movie reviewer Manish and I just saw Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. This is Ryan Johnson’s second movie in the franchise, and a third one is already in the works. Exciting news, isn’t it?

So, the movie revolves around detective Benoit Blanc played by Daniel Craig, who travels to Greece for his latest case. Initially, the trip seems like a potentially fun weekend on a private island owned by a reclusive billionaire Miles Braun played by Edward Norton. But things turn dark when someone on the island turns up dead.

The movie has an incredible cast, including Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Janelle Monae, Catherine Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr, and Jessica henwick, along with some truly amazing cameos that I can’t wait for you guys to see.

Now, let’s talk about the movie. I was a humongous fan of Knives Out, and I think it’s absolutely terrific. It’s one of Ryan Johnson’s best movies. I was afraid that a sequel would not be able to top or equal it, but I was wrong. I like Glass Onion at least as much as Knives Out. I think it’s so damn good.

This movie is very, very funny, and it’s also different from Knives Out. There are only a handful of things that are similar to the first movie, like non-linear storytelling and one character that’s pitted against a bunch of shit that happened in the first film. Besides that, it’s a very different movie.

Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc is one of my favorite new characters in modern movies. I love this character so much, and they do so many fun things with him in this movie. It’s also one of the very first times that we get to see even a taste of his personal life. I won’t get into too much of it for fear of spoilers or ruining the fun for you guys, but there is one thing that I don’t consider a spoiler that they examine with him.

That is just how much money he really earns from this kind of job. He’s dealing with Edward Norton’s character, who’s a billionaire, and he has a private island and all of these insane things. So naturally, someone who is nowhere even close to that level of money is walking around feeling like they’re on a different planet, which is cute and adorable.

It’s hard to explain, but Benoit Blanc in this movie at times can be very much like a fish out of water. For a large portion of this movie, he doesn’t fully understand this world, which is very entertaining to watch.

Of course, there are things happening under the surface, and things you learn later that give some of these moments greater impact, which I loved, and I can’t wait for you guys to see.

Glass Onion changes a lot on second viewing. So much of it changes once you know things that are going on under the surface. Ryan Johnson peppered so many things throughout the script, which is brilliant. It’s the type of script that makes you feel kind of like inferior when you watch it. You see all these things that he hid in plain sight, which comes into the narrative itself.

So much of the narrative is about things that are in plain sight that we aren’t paying attention to, but are right in front of us. Johnson does that with the dialogue, with wardrobe, with things that are integral to the movie that are just around and you see them all the time.

Out of all the cast, I found Janelle Monae to be the most impressive in the film, not just in performance but in the depth that Johnson gave that character.

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