How to Clean Your Charger Wire

Clean Your Charger Wire

We all know how frustrating it is when our charger wires get dirty. Just imagine you have a new charger, and the charger cable is getting dirty daily. Most of the charge cables come in white color, which is one main reason they get dirty.

As a charger is an important part of your daily life, it is necessary to keep it clean and untangled so you can use it for many years.

How to Clean Your Charger Wire

Materials Required To Clean Charger

Let’s check the materials we need to clean the charger wire.

Alcohol Spray

Separate the charger and cable and keep them on a table. Now use the spray and spray over the cable and charger. Leave it for 2 minutes, and then use a cloth to wipe it properly.

If you see any dirt not coming out again, spray there and gently rub using cotton balls.

You can follow the same steps to clean the charger socket as well.

Using Borax Powder

Take a small quantity of Borax powder in a bowl and mix little water. It will be like a paste. Now rub this paste on your wire and charger. Let it dry. Now take a dry cloth and rub it to clean it. Your charger is ready for use.

Removing Rust from Charger Pin

You can use a pencil eraser to remove rust on the charger pin. You need to clean the pin with a smooth cloth, dust away any rust and then rub the eraser around. Rub the pin a little harder, and you can see the rust falling away.

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What Not To Do While Cleaning Charger Wire?

  • Do not use water to clean the cable.
  • Do not hard rub or stretch the wire.


That’s it! Following these simple steps, you can keep your charger wire clean and working properly for years.


Can I Use the Same Process to Clean Any Charger?

Yes, you can follow the same process to clean any charger. But must read the instructions given in the manual.

Can I use water to clean the charger?

No, using water may damage the charger.

Can I use Alcohol spray to clean the charger?

Yes, you can use any Alcohol spray to clean the charger.

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