Don’t Miss The Flash TV Finale: One Key Hero Goes MIA

With The Flash heading towards its much-anticipated finale, a renowned Arrowverse performer has affirmed that he will not return for the episode- The Flash TV Finale.

Although The Flash is currently on hiatus before its upcoming crossover with Arrow, which will feature Stephen Amell’s comeback as Oliver Queen, fans are already anticipating the finale, particularly after set photos gave away an unforeseen alliance of antagonists.

Furthermore, leaked images from the set of The Flash’s concluding episode uncovered the malevolent transformation of a character from the first season who is making a comeback. With various villains set to team up against Team Flash, admirers are speculating if some of Barry Allen‘s superhero acquaintances will unexpectedly appear.

The Final Episode of Arrowverse to Go Without One of Its Stars

In a recent interview with Flash TV News, Stephen Amell, an experienced actor from Arrowverse, declared that he will not be reprising his role as Oliver Queen in the forthcoming finale of The Flash.

Although he stated that his fans shouldn’t “expect” his appearance in the final episode, Amell emphasized that The Flash’s ultimate chapter ought not to revolve around Oliver in the first instance:

“Don’t anticipate me in the series finale. This was it. We very purposely took the time to do [Oliver’s appearance] before the series finale because the series finale should not be about where Oliver is, what he’s doing, and his relationship with Barry.”

Amell proceeded to emphasize that the climax of the series ought to revolve around the intricate bond between Barry Allen and Central City, as well as his associations with Team Flash, Iris, his kin, and his personal odyssey.

“It should be about Barry’s relationship to Central City, and to Team Flash, and to Iris, and to his family, and his journey. I wouldn’t want to take away from that at all.”

Even though Amell has confirmed his absence from the finale, the esteemed archer of Arrowverse is still set to make an appearance in the ninth installment of The Flash. He will be joining forces with Barry Allen, John Diggle, and Wally West to combat the reappearance of Bloodwork and possibly prevent a catastrophe in the Multiverse.

Why The Flash’s Final Season Can Stand Without Oliver Queen

The Flash undoubtedly faces a daunting task in providing a satisfying conclusion to the Arrowverse. In its ninth season, the show has already welcomed various noteworthy guests from other series, paying homage to what has gone before. Among these appearances are Javicia Leslie’s portrayal of Batwoman and Nicole Maines’ role as Dreamer.

Additionally, the unexpected return of Stephen Amell to The Flash seems particularly fitting. It is expected to be an emotional reunion as Amell and Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster had an incredible partnership, and this development is sure to please fans who have been following the show for a long time.

Amell’s insight was spot-on when he suggested that the finale shouldn’t revolve around him or any other prominent Arrowverse hero. Instead, the final chapter should celebrate and showcase the true essence of Barry Allen as Central City’s hero.

Previous seasons of The Flash featured the titular character seeking assistance from various Arrowverse heroes to conquer formidable foes. However, the upcoming season takes a different approach, where the Scarlet Speedster must confront a formidable alliance of past adversaries alone. Through this challenge, Barry will evolve and transform into Central City’s ultimate protector.

The highly anticipated ninth episode of The Flash Season 9, titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To,” is scheduled to debut on The CW network on Wednesday, April 26th.”

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