Andy Serkis Reveals The Batman Part II’s Script Still in Development

A new film by Matt Reeves, set in Gotham City and serving as a sequel to The Batman, will be released in theatres on October 3rd, 2025. While the story details have yet to be revealed, it is confirmed that Robert Pattinson will reprise his role as the main character, Bruce Wayne. This film will be a part of the “Reevesverse,” a cinematic universe that includes The Penguin spin-off. It’s important to note that this universe is separate from the larger DCU that James Gunn is developing.

During the premiere of Luther: The Fallen Sun, actor Andy Serkis, who played Alfred in The Batman, spoke to Liam Crowley from He confessed that he is unaware of the progress of The Batman Part II’s script, saying, “I’m not even sure if the script has been completed. All I know is that my dear friend Matt Reeves is diligently working on it, but I have no clue what the storyline will entail.” Despite being in the dark about the script, Serkis anticipates receiving more information about the sequel’s plot “soon.” In The Batman, Serkis’s Alfred Pennyworth narrowly escaped death after being attacked by Paul Dano’s Riddler and was last seen in a Gotham hospital recovering from his injuries.

Serkis is set to star alongside Idris Elba in Luther: The Fallen Sun, which will be available for streaming on Netflix this Friday, March 10th, although The Batman Part II is still more than two years away.

Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

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